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Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories Ltd

Units B16-18, Laser Quay,

Medway City Estate,

Rochester, Kent. ME2 4HU (United Kingdom)

Download Centre


Data Apex Clarity Data System (High Resolution, 2.3Mb)
Clarity Data System (Low Resolution, 0.8Mb)
Clarity Diode Array Option
Clarity GPC Option
Clarity System Suitability Test Option
Clarity - List of Currently Controlled Instruments
Clarity - U-PAD2 USB A-D converter
Clarity - NetPAD Ethernet A-D converter
Clarity - INT-7 PCI A-D converter
Clarity - MultiCOM USB - RS232 Converter
Comparison of Clarity with Clarity Lite
Clarity - GSIOC Control Option for Gilson Pumps
Clarity Control for Agilent 1100
Clarity Control for Agilent 6890 GC
Sykam Amino Acid Analyser
HPLC Equipment
Shodex 2009 Catalogue
Technical Notebook 1
Technical Notebook 2
Technical Notebook 3
Technical Notebook 4
Technical Notebook 5
Techncial Notebook 6
Torrey Pines Scientific Catalogue
Dr Maisch Reprosil Gold and Reprosil Pur Basic Brochure
Data Apex Clarity User Guide
  Clarity Reference Guide
  Clarity Getting Started Guide
  Clarity Demo
  Clarity PDA
  Clarity GPC
  Clarity SST
  Clarity - Sykam S2100 Pump Control
  Clarity - Sykam S5200 Autosampler Control
  Clarity - Sykam S3210 detector Control
  Clarity - Agilent 1100 Control
  Clarity - Gilson Pump Control
  Clarity - MultiCOM Manual
Sykam S2100 Gradient Pump
  S1122 Isocratic Pump
  S3210/S3240 UV Detector
  S5200 Autosampler
  S3115 Conductivity Detector
  S3580 Refractive Index Detector
  S1610 Syringe Pump
  S433 Amino Acid Analyser
  S4300 Amino Acid Analyser Reaction Module
  S7130 Amino Acid Analyser - Solvent Conditioning Module
  S433 IQ Amino Acid Analyser Installation Qualification
  S433 OQ Amino Acid Analyser Operation Qualification
Torrey Pines Scientific CO30 Column Heater
Other HPLC Equipment Click here for a list of other HPLC Equipment Manuals available as pdf
Data Apex Clarity Latest version (Data Apex login required) NB: 106Mb
  Clarity Demo Latest Version Free Download   NB: 142Mb
  Driver for the MultiCOM USB-Serial Converter NB: 4.2Mb

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