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Sykam Amino Acid Analysers - Technical Specifications
Autosampler - S5200

For automatic injection of samples. All parts which come in contact with liquids are chemically inert and biocompatible (PEEK or PTFE).
- sampling system operating in x, y, and z-axis
- variable sample dosage without any sample loss
- loop overfill mode
- reproducibility less than 1 % upon injection of 10 μl variable volume.
- memory effect less than 0.1 % depending on the selected washing procedure
- large graphical display and keyboard for easy control
- injection volume programmable in 1 μl increments
- temperature controlled sample compartment (5 - 60° C)
- programmable washing procedure with selectable volumes
- programmable port for purging
- programmable sample sequence
- optional: pre-column derivatisation mode

Refridgerated Reagent Organiser - S7130

For storing all reagents, buffers and wash solutions.
- front side operated
- special valves for applying inert gas for oxygen-free storage

Solvent Delivery System - S2100
Quaternary Pump for the reliable and reproducible mixing of the buffer solutions. All parts coming into contact with the buffers
are chemically inert (PEEK or PTFE).
- dual plunger pump with special design for low pulsation (less than 1 %)
- flow range depending on installed pump head (0.05 to 9.99 ml/min)
- maximum pressure up to 350 bar (5200 PSI)
- battery buffered programs stored for the amino acid determination (hydrolysates and physiological fluids)
- graphic display of gradient profile A, B, C, and D
- programmable mixing cycle for the buffer solution
- integrated 4-channel vacuum degasser
- programmable flushing procedure
- extended diagnostic features (e.g. high pressure control, low pressure control)
Analytical Specifications
- Hydrolysate sample: < 60 min. runtime
- Physiological sample: < 120 min. runtime
- sensitivity: 10 pMol
- optional Fluorescence detector
Amino Acid Reaction Module
- integrated 2-plunger reagent dosing pump with adjustable flow rate (0.01 to 2.0 ml/min)
- built-in dual filter photometer (440 and 570 nm) with constant signal output and signal summary option
- programmable signal offset
- three different risetimes selectable
- temperature controlled column oven (1 to 99° C ±1° C) with active cooling capability
- temperature controlled post-column derivatisation reactor (up to 199° C ±1° C)
- automatic valve for coil flushing
- display of the actual system pressure
- safety features (e.g. leakage of reactor and column, high pressure)
Additional Applications
- Sugar analysis for reducing sugars
- biogenic amines


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