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We are looking for a UK Hospital Lab to act as a reference site, where we can bring potential customers (3-4 times a year) to see the analyser in a working environment. In return we are offering a substantial discount and a 3 year warranty! If you are interested in taking up this offer, please email

[email protected]




Sykam Amino Acid Analysers

Automatic Amino Acid Analyser Model S433

The Amino Acid Analyser market is well supplied, and to change from a model you know, a new analyser has to offer something extra. Sykam have vast experience in amino acid analysis, and you can take it for granted that the instrument works really well, and with at least the same sensitivity, reliability and selectivity of the best models currently available. (We can run samples for you to prove this, or you can see from the application chramatograms on the tab to the left.) However the reasons we think you should consider buying your next analyser from Sykam are as follows:

  • It uses gradient pump technology, instead of just changing buffers. This avoids step changes in the baseline, and offers virtually unlimited possibilities for modifying separations if specific amino acids are to be monitored, either to extend the run for maximum resolution, or to shorten it for faster and more specific analyses. Sykam have many years experience and have already developed most of the standard methods used in hospital labs. And they are always working on ways to improve the resolution of an ever wider range of amino acids. If you need help with method development for new applications, this is always available, and both Herr Meier and Herr Petzel (Sykam’s Amino Acid Analysis Manager) have over 30 years experience each.
  • It is generally less expensive than other models widely used in the UK! This is not because of a lower cost price. Indeed the Sykam model has almost certainly got a higher cost because of the extra gradient capabilities. But it is offered at a very competitive price. The reagents are less expensive, and normally only two, sometimes three buffers are required. And the Ninhydrin reagent is not only top quality, but costs about half the price of Ninhydrin from other sources. Spare parts are less expensive too.
  • Parts will be available for many years into the future. Sykam still offer parts for their first ever analysers, and for HPLC equipment which they made more than 25 years ago. These parts are not just available, but in stock! So these instruments have a really long lifetime and almost never become obsolete.
  • This analyser can analyse physiological fluids and protein hydrolysates on the same column and buffer system. Whilst you may never have to do both, it is an indication of the flexibility afforded by the more modern gradient technology.
  • It uses Clarity as the data system. Generally Clarity is more user friendly than the EZChrom system used by others. Updates are available free, and although  ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ applies to this as much as anything else, it is nice to know that you can always be working with the very latest software, without the significant costs charged by Agilent for updates to EZChrom! Over the last few years we have gradually changed from EZChrom to Clarity on all the HPLC systems in our labs, and we would never go back!
  • Sykam offer a comprehensive range of columns and buffers, all made in house, and all made to very tight QC standards so there is virtually no batch to batch variation at all.
Manual Amino Acid Analyser Model S430

Also available is a low cost variant equipped with a manual injection valve instead of the autosampler, and a reagent organiser without the cooling option. This cost-effective version is designed for labs with small quantities of samples.



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