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Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories Ltd

Units B16-17, Laser Quay,

Medway City Estate,

Rochester, Kent. ME2 4HU (United Kingdom)

HPLC & GPC Round Robin Testing

Round Robin Testing

This generally takes the form of a sample being sent to a number of labs for analysis, each using their own method, and the results compared at the end. Participating labs usually are working in the field in question, and participate for free.

In that respect, Laserchrom is different, in that we make a charge for carrying out the analysis. However, it does allow an industry Round Robin Group to have some external input into their scheme, and if this is of interrest to you, we would be pleased to offer a quotation.  There are occasionally analytical methods that we run so often, that we would be prepared to run those samples for nothing. But please bear in mind that we run so many different methods that this is the exception rather than the rule!

Customer Results Confirmation

This is different form the Round Robin Schems above. In this case we use your method not ours, and we set this up in advance, running comparative samples until we are sure that we can repeat your results, and confirming that we agree with the results you are getting. This method is then documented and then periodically (monthly, quarterly?) you can send us samples which we will run to confirm that we still get the same results. By this stage we will both be confident in the method, and this offeres external confirmation that all is well with your analytical procedures.

This is especially useful when a new member of staff is employed. We can also arrange to come in and train them in the new method if required. And if you hit an overload situation, or your laboratory collapses, we can take over the analysis without interruption to your production facility


To contact us regarding our laboratory services:

Telephone:        +44 1634 297533 Ask for Dr Stuart Jones

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Fax:                    +44 1634 297533

Free Technical Advice available now on 01634-294001


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