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Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories Ltd

Units B16-17, Laser Quay,

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Rochester, Kent. ME2 4HU (United Kingdom)

HPLC & GPC Method Optimisation

Method Optimisation is appropriate if you already have a method, but ...

  • It doesn't seem to give the same results each time you run it
  • Some of the peaks are overlapping
  • It seems to be very sensitive to tiny changes in eluent composition, or temperature or pH etc
  • Its an old method and you would like to update it to use a more modern column
  • You want a method which is not dependent on acetonitrile
  • Retention times are not consistent, peaks keep falling out of their time windows
  • Columns are not lasting very long
  • The run time is long
  • Its an old method and you really don't know why you use the temperature, eluent %B, pH etc
  • You need more sensitivity

We are chemists not magicians. But we know HPLC very well, and optimising methods is what we do best! HPLC is a science, and separation science is now well understood. So we can identify a problem, and use that science to work out a way to address the problem. Some of our customers have the knowledge to do this themselves but not the time. Or perhaps not the equipment, or would need to buy in several columns to try, etc. We are set up to do this. Our primary column suppliers are Dr Maisch in Germany and Shodex from Japan. Both are masters of the art (should I say science?) of preparing excellent columns, so we have so much selectivity available to us. We have 70 different HPLC solvents in stock, along with many buffers, ion pair reagents, derivatisation reagents etc.

If you would like to know the optimum solvent to use in the eluent, the optimum %B, pH, buffer, buffer concentration and temperature, along with our recommended column, detector wavelength etc, and a measure of LOD/LOQ, with a report explaining it all, call us. We would be pleased to discuss what we can do for you, and if you decide to go ahead, we will get the work done for you in as short a time frame as is possible. We can write the SOP for you if required, and carry out a Method Validation.

To contact us regarding our laboratory services:

Telephone:        +44 1634 297533 Ask for Dr Stuart Jones

Email:                 [email protected]

Fax:                    +44 1634 297533

Free Technical Advice available now on 01634-294001


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