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Laserchrom HPLC Laboratories Ltd

Units B16-17, Laser Quay,

Medway City Estate,

Rochester, Kent. ME2 4HU (United Kingdom)

HPLC & GPC Laboratory Services

Laserchrom has well equipped HPLC laboratories with 17 HPLC systems, and is able to carry out most analytical methods on the latest equipment. We have isocratic and gradient pumps, capable of 0.01 - 40ml/minute, with UV, RI, Diode Array, Conductivity, Fluorescence, ELSD and Electrochemical Detectors, and several hundred columns from 1mm-40mm id and up to 50cm long. We also have a good stock of GPC and GFC columns from Shodex and Polymer Labs, along with a good assortment of molecular weight standards, and very precise temperature control.

Our data systems are mainly Clarity and EZ Chrom, and we have one Beckman Gold. We also have Drylab method development software which allows us to really speed up method development and have confidence in finding the best separation conditions.

If you have methods which need to be developed from scratch, or optimised, or modified to get away from acetonitrile, we would be pleased to offer a competitive quotation. Similarly, we would be pleased to quote for sample analysis, or to participate in comparative testing or round robin experiments.

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To contact us regarding our laboratory services:

Telephone:        +44 1634 297533 Ask for Dr Stuart Jones

Email:                 [email protected]

Fax:                    +44 1634 297533

Free Technical Advice available now on 01634-294001


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