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New GPC Equipment

Sykam has been established in Germany for many years but is as yet little  not very well known in the UK. Their equipment is high spec serious GPC and extremely reliable. One of our customers has used one of their pumps 24/7 for 7 years (equivalent to 28 years of using it all day long Monday -Friday, 9-5!)


The pumps offer a very smooth and constant flow rate, making them ideal for GPC. We recommend selecting the micro pumphead - 0-4ml/min - for optimum flow control for GPC.

This is a modular system, unlike some GPC systems available, so you can change configuration easily, and if you need to add a different module in the future, its easy! Spare parts are available from stock, even for Sykam equipment made 25 years ago, so it will last for a very long time. System control is available if required from the Clarity GPC Data system

GPC Equipment
GPC Pumps
Sykam S1122 Isocratic Pump, 0-3, 0-10 or 0-40ml/min
Eluent Bottle Organiser
Sykam S7121 Reagent Organiser for the S1122 pump
GPC Detectors
Sykam S3210 Programmable UV/Vis Detector
Sykam S3240 Programmable 4 channel UV Vis Detector
Sykam S3210 DAD Diode Array Detector
Sykam S3580 Refractive Index Detector
Shodex RI-101 Refractive Index Detector
Shodex RI-201H Refractive Index Detector
LA2250 Evaporative Light Scattering Detector
GPC Autosamplers
Sykam S5200 Autosampler, optional variable volume, heating/chilling, sample prep
GPC Column Heaters and Ovens
LA2260 High Accuracy Column Oven, 0.1oC
GPC Degassers
Sykam S7505/S7510 2,3 or 4 Channel Degassers
LA2604 4 Channel Degasser
GPC Manual Injection Valves
Rheodyne 7725i Rheodyne 7725i Injection Valve
Sykam S6020 New design Manual Injection valve with long life rotor seal
GPC Data Systems
LA2903 Data Apex Clarity Chromatography Data System - See GPC Module
GPC Fraction Collectors
LA2570 R1 Fraction Collector (Replacement for Foxy Junior)
LA2580 Advanced Fully Functional Fraction Collector
LA2590 Compact Fraction Collector
GPC Solvent Recyclers
LA2890 Solvent Recycler


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